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The iNITY iNTERACTIVE experience offers a contemporary platform to journey behind-the- scenes of the documentary RasTa: A Soul’s Journey and enter the world of Rastafari.

    My exploration of Rastafarian culture and working on this creative process has lead me to understand that RasTa is…
    A collection of African-centered visions that have maintained a strong identity despite the immense challenges and obstacles the movement has faced.
    A global, rich, indigenous culture and faith that successfully counters the status quo and mainstream ideologies, to progress and thrive in the media driven landscape of the 21st.

Diverse people and diverse experiences, united by the universal concept of one world and one love.

iNITY iNTERACTIVE invites viewers to explore the historical context and global evolution of Rastafari and its culture, as captured through the diverse creative expressions of artists from around the world. The installation takes it’s initial inspiration from the documentary, then takes you above and beyond through a dynamic multi-media experience, freely mixing photography, video, new media, literature, music and lifestyle.

Begin the trod by mapping the journey of Donisha Prendergast, granddaughter of Rita and Bob Marley. Follow her path across eight countries in the year-long trek of the documentary, where she unearths the roots of the Rastafari movement and it’s global presence. Each destination dispels some misconceptions of Rastafari and provides a glimpse into the deeper truths that underline the faith. Afterwards, you can expand further into the interactive experience and explore the creative spirit of local and global artists, who each bring a unique contribution and perspective to this collective vision.

I firmly believe that artists are the truest form of archivists and documentarians. They unapologetically capture the reality of the moment and offer a perspective that reaches through time and space. They bring forth hidden truths as the caretakers of our shared history.

Orla Garriques, iNITY iNTERACTIVE Producer & Curator

Rastafari Then and Now | DVD

Rastafari Then and Now: A Message From Jamaica is a Canadian story with roots in Jamaica. Following Nation Cheong, a Guyanese born Rastafarian African drummer and community worker, living in Canada, as he journeys through his faith, the documentary explores the origin of Rastafari and its relevance for today’s youth.

Beginning in Toronto, Nation gathers a diverse group of youth (Brandon King, Phillip Morgan, Daniel Kadima and Stephanie Henry) from across the GTA to take them on an investigative journey into the Rastafarian community in Toronto in the hope that the positive message of Rastafari will benefit them at this juncture in their lives. Nation’s journey takes him to Jamaica for the first time to see where it all started and learn more about his Rastafarian roots

Rastafari: Then and Now was funded exclusively by OMNI Television, Canada’s first free over-the-air multilingual/multicultural television system, was broadcast on this station.

Get your own personal copy of this film, recently completed by RasTa’s producers, for OMNI Television.

$20.00 CAD. Please purchase through PayPal. Thank you in advance.

IRIE | Isiah Shaka

Music video for Isiah Shaka “Irie” by ReCeLL & Pepleg.

The TROD | India

A mediation on India. Donisha explores the distinct similarities and connections between Hinduism and Rastafari. She meets with “ganja” smoking, dreadlocked Sadhus (Hindu holy men) in Varanasi and discuss the mingling of elements of Rastafari in Jamaica and Hinduism in India.

Contact | Production


Patricia Marie Scarlett, Executive Producer & Producer, In Search of Rastafari Inc.
647.505.0791 | pscarlett@rastajourney.com

Marilyn Gray,  Producer, Consultant, Instructor | ajanient@gmail.com

Stuart Samuels, Director & Producer | stusamuels@aol.com

CommUNITY Screenings

Please check back for info and updates.


Please check back for info and updates.

Bob Marley | Legend

Photo: mp3.com

When Bob Marley and the Wailers set out from, London, England, in April 1973 on their now famous Catch a Fire tour, they had no idea that their lives would be forever changed and that their music and Rastafarian way of life would, in time, reach all corners of the world. For at this point reggae music was virtually unknown internationally and was being marketed primarily in the Caribbean. The Catch A Fire tour catapulted Bob Marley and the Wailers from local celebrities to a worldwide phenomenon, introducing their music and Rastafarian beliefs to the global community. Catch a Fire became the first international reggae album. Although the album was not an immediate success, in 2003 it was recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the greatest albums of all time.

Bob Marley, the Natural Mystic, the Visionary, the Rasta Prophet, and the Revolutionary, whose rebel music transcended all categories, classes and creed, became an international superstar, a music icon of the 20th century who brought reggae music to the world. Marley actively and devoutly preached Rastafari, incorporating Nyabinghi and Rastafarian chanting into his music and lyrics. Songs like “Rastaman Chant” led to the movement and reggae music being seen as closely intertwined in the consciousness of audiences across the world (especially among oppressed and poor groups from around the world, notably in the African American, Native American, New Zealand Maori, Australian Aborigines and Africans peoples). Marley’s impact and influence cannot be understood without Rastafari, the inspiration that was at the very core of his music.

Rastafari started out as a spiritual expression of the relationship Black West Indians could have with God. It cast off the imposed status quo of the European church and reframed the Caribbean experience as part of a greater global black nationalism. It emphasises ‘oneness’and equality of all personsas the path to lasting peace and harmony and the divinity of Haile Selassie, the King of Kings Lords of Lords Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Most Rastafarians do not claim any sect or denomination, and thus encourage one another to find faith and inspiration within themselves; although some do identify strongly with one of the “mansions of Rastafari”, the three most prominent of these being the Nyahbinghi, the Bobo Ashanti and the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

The Rastafari vision of collective work and responsibility, peace and I-nity with nature, their fellow men and their creator, His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I, King of King Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the re-incarnate of Jesus Christ, has found broad based appeal across all sectors of society around the world. Rastafarians holistic approach to life has become fashionable in mainstream middle-class society looking for balance and spiritual wellbeing.

Some Rastas believe Selassie is God Almighty, some believe he is the second coming of Christ, whilst others believe he is Christ-like, kin to Christ through his lineage. Some read the Bible while others shun it.

Today, it is estimated that there are about two (2) million Rastafarians worldwide, and they are not all Black. From Jamaica to Johannesburg and from Toronto to Tel Aviv, Rastas can be found on every single continent. As Bob Marley, sang Rastas are: ‘coming in from the cold’, moving out of the ghettos and into the mainstream, working as doctors and lawyers, as well as community activists, musicians and artists.

Our Ethiopia | “The JRDC School”

These films were produced with young people at the JRDC School in Shashemene – Ethiopia during Cafesociety.org digital workshops.

The JRDC School began with private lessons given to the children of the pioneers in Shashemene by Karl Hamilton and Bro. Donald Leach (Bro. Flippins) in their home during the 1970’s. Bro Karl Hamilton taught basic English, Math and Bible studies. This supplementary education continued at this level until 1997 when Bro. Teach Issachar arrived with plans to establish an official school. He started his operation in a zinc shed on the premises of the The Twelve Tribes of Israel headquarters in Shashemene.

The school soon outgrew the limited facilities there and was transferred to a building renovated through the initiative of Teach Issachar. There an Ethiopian Amharic teacher was added to the staff and with Sister Janet McLaughlin from Manchester, England and Brother Joseph Leach born on the Land to pioneer parents, coordinated a school program with Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Math and Biology.

With the support of the Shashemene Foundation, Inc. U.S.A. and other concerned individuals, a new building was added and the school rapidly grew to over 150 children and eight teachers by 2002. The school was soon incorporated under the Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community, as the first phase of its larger Shashemene Community Education Skills Training and Recreation Center project. A Board of Directors was created for this school consisting of all members of the Rastafarian community in Shashemene including: The Nyahbinghi Order, Bobo Shanti, Ethiopia World Federation (EWF), and Twelve Tribes of Israel (TTI) and other individual Rastafarians. The school has been appraised and certified by the Education Ministry of the Federal Democratic Government of Ethiopia as an indigenous NGO project. The operational budget of the school is approximately $25,000 US dollars annually. The school receives no government funding and relies totally on public support to finance its budget.

Become a RasTa STAR, support the JRDC School in Shashemene, Ethiopia. RasTa support will go toward helping the school meet its current mandate which includes: continuing to provide subsidized healthy meals, introducing a health program to investigate and improve the health status of its students, increasing sponsorships for the students’ education and implementing a planned expansion of staff and facilities to include Grades 9 and 10. The most important REWARD is that you cared enough to help advance someone’s potential by giving them an education – a gift that keeps on giving. Contact the production to help. … Continue →

Stuart Samuels | Director & Producer

In 1993, Stuart produced and co-directed the award-winning VISIONS OF LIGHT: The Art of Cinematography, about the history of cinematography in motion pictures. The New York Film Critics Circle, The National Society of Film Critics and the Boston Society of Film Critics named VISIONS the year’s best documentary while The New York Times, USA TODAY, The Los Angeles Times and The San Francisco Chronicle awarded it four-star reviews. VISIONS OF LIGHT was the first High Definition (HDTV) feature to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival (1993), and was selected for the Edinburgh, London, Telluride, Chicago, Toronto, New York, Munich, Tokyo and Sundance Film Festivals. A survey of 40 major film critics named it “the most critically acclaimed film of 1993.”

In 1998, Stuart co-directed and co-wrote HOLLYWOODISM: Jews, Movies and the American Dream. Based on the acclaimed book by Neal Gabler, HOLLYWOODISM chronicles how Jewish immigrants founded and built Hollywood in the early twentieth century. The film garnered Stuart best director honours at Toronto’s Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival and best documentary at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

Stuart began his career first in academia. He has a Ph.D from Stanford University (1967), did post-graduate work at Oxford University (St. Antony’s College) and was a professor of history at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), from 1968 to 1981, where he pioneered the teaching of cultural history using feature films from around the world. In 1981 he published the book, Midnight Movies (Macmillan, 1981). Two decades later, Stuart combined his academic training with his filmmaking, by turning his book into an award-winning documentary, Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream.

Marilyn Gray | Producer, Consultant, Instructor

Marilyn Gray spent over 10 years in the industry with seven of those years in development, marketing and distribution. Marilyn is the Co-Producer on a 2 x 2 hrs miniseries for Hungry Eyes/CBC called “Guns” and the documentary “Rastafari Then and Now: A Message From Jamaica”, for Scarlett Media and Omni Television. Marilyn is also the Senior Producer on ten Episodes of the 1/2 hour magazine show “Caribbean Vibrations”, a cultural show on the carnivals, music and food of people from the Caribbean, for Omni 1 Channel in their first season in 2002. Marilyn is currently developing two feature films “Or Best Offer”, a comedy, developed with the assistance of Chum Television, the HG Fund and Movie Central, and a coming of age film “Bannock and Bratwurst”, also developed with the assistance of HG Fund, Movie Central and Telefilm Canada.

Recently, her critically acclaimed 90 minute feature length documentary “Rasta: A Soul’s Journey”, for City TV/CMF, screened at the Montreal Du Nouveau Cinéma and at the eleventh annual Whistler Film Festival (WFF), where it was the Audience Award runner up. The film will be hosted at the Rom, during Black History month in February 2012, under the title “Rasta at the Rom”. Rasta: A Soul’s Journey follows Bob and Rita Marley’s daughter’s global search of her grandparents legacy of reggae and Rastafari.

On the northern Ontario front, Marilyn is also the owner of M.E.G. Consulting, a consulting and distribution firm that trains and assist mid to large businesses, government and not for profit organizations on how to promote their company, services and products using video and multimedia.

Vladimir Czyzewski | Cinematographer

For over 30 years Vladimir has been putting his philosophy to work in his film and video assignments. His life behind the camera has taken him across Canada and throughout the world. Vladimir’s reputation as a filmmaker is the direct result of his complete and total immersion in the projects he’s involved in, contributing to all aspects of the production. As the original founder of Prisma-Light Ltd. (1982) and now Storm Film and Video, (1995) Vladimir has directed and / or filmed many memorable projects.

Demanding locations, sensitive subject matter and adverse conditions are Vladimir’s Forte. From boardrooms to back roads he remains a team player. Major Canadian and international corporations, community groups, government agencies and broadcast networks, have commissioned his work.

Kirk Cooper | Festival Strategist

Kirk Cooper is the founder of Film Market Access. Kirk has 10 + years of vast experience in the arts and entertainment industry, providing professional services in Communications, Marketing, Development and Project Management of special initiatives, industry events, film and television productions.

As a festival programmer working with young professional filmmakers, Kirk discovered that there is a lack of proper access and knowledge for most filmmakers attending Canadian and international festivals. He designed the FMA Program packages to incorporate knowledge of film commerce, great intuition and confident networking that are affordable for the young professional artist’s to increase their visibility.


Len D. Henry | Branding and Promotions

Len D. Henry is the visionary founder and currently a principal at fashcam – a fashion/music new-media platform designed for the integrated promotion of fashion, music and lifestyle products and has won numerous awards and nominations from BravoFACT!, VideoFACT and MuchMusic’s MMVAs.

fashcam is a collective of creative talent and smart services targeted at the branding and promotion of lifestyle products, music and fashion. From websites design to graphics to stills to moving images, animation, video – films on fashion or style on film, fashcam brings it all together to presents brands with style. fashcam understands that even though fashion is a mystery to many, everybody loves it – sort of a love/hate relationship. So fashcam brings brands to the people with panache. Even when your image-making needs are not directly about fashion, fashcam helps you get your goals and objective met – flawlessly fitted — made-to-measure.


Miki Nembhard | Director of Partnerships

Mekielia Nembhard a.k.a Miki Nembhard has made great strides from her humble begins in the western parish of Montego Bay Jamaica. In 2000, Miki left Jamaica to pursue her interest in Aviation, embarking on studies at the University of Western Ontario. It was there that she rediscovered her love for the arts and fashion. A love that has lead the “always on the go” Miki to launch and creatively direct fashion labels MN, Gia and events, PR and Marketing firms Meuze Inc.

During the short span of her career Miki has been honoured with numerous awards including Avante Garde Designer of the Year, showcasing at the world-renowned OSCARS, the 2009 Harry Jerome Young Entrepreneur Award and being named one of the top young business persons in the 2010 and 2011 Canadian Who’s Who 100th publication.
Miki as produced fashion shows and film festivals across the Caribbean, Europe, South and North America including LA, New York and Toronto. A young and passionate entrepreneur, Miki sees opportunities around every corner, and strongly believes that “knowledge and passion are the corner stones of success”. She continues to perfect her craft while completing her Masters in Corporate and Commercial Law and Business Administration with the University of London.


Kevin C. Pennant | PR & Publicity

Established in 2003, Pennant Media Group (PMG) is a boutique communications and public relations firm specializing in the music, entertainment, fashion, hospitality and lifestyle sectors. Kevin Pennant and his trained team of public relations practitioners bring over 20 years progressive communications and media relations experience to PMG. Based out of Toronto, with affiliates in Montreal, New York and Los Angeles, PMG offers services in brand development and media relations, providing individually tailored media campaigns to enhance the public exposure of its clients, reaching audiences on an international scale.


Orla Garriques | Producer, Curator

Orla Garriques is Toronto-based producer working at the junction of film, television, new media and the arts. She is an alumni of the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab and has worked for award-winning production companies and leading media organizations in development, business affairs, marketing and international sales on a range of entertainment brands. After 15 years working in the arts/entertainment sector she has achieved a careful balance between high-profile commercial work and independent projects that use media to produce entertainment and educational platforms. She is most passionate about the use of media to produce engaging and collaborative play-base learning initiatives for traditional and non-traditional learning environments.