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Washington DC, USA — Donisha Prendergast visits the Smithsonian Institute’s DISCOVERING RASTAFARI exhibit. She reasons with curator, Jake Homiak about the roots and inspirations in the birth of Rastafari: Marcus Garvey; Emperor Haile Selassie; as well as her Grandfather, Bob Marley, and his role as a “major conduit” in the popularization of the philosophies of Rastafari around the world. This visit springboards her quest to travel to the various countries to learn more.

The TROD…Jamaica

On location at Pinnacle with Rasta historian, Michael Boyd | photo: Sabriya Simon

Kingston & Pinnacle, Jamaica — While in Jamaica Donisha visits Pinnacle, the site of the first Rastafarian settlement. She travels to Trench Town, where her grandparents once lived. This trod helps her summarize what her faith means to her, and how it might be changing as the elder foot soldiers that worked to gain acceptance give way to younger men and women. Younger views about the movement are evolving in ways that are uncomfortable to the elders, who continue to shun all materials trappings and systems associated with Babylon.