A stellar team of award-winning
filmmakers and producers

Master sitarist, Babajugalgiri ji, Varanasi, India | photo: Sabriya Simon


It takes a village to raise a child:
And so it has been for RasTa

Meet the filmmakers:

Patricia Marie Scarlett | Executive Producer & Producer
Stuart Samuels | Director & Producer
Marilyn Gray | Producer
Vladimir Czyzewski | Cinematographer
Gina Binetti | Editor & Line Producer
Roger McTair | Writer


“The RasTa project is a labour of love that has been six years in the making. It’s born out of the experience of having met Bob Marley in Montreal during my early teens and chance encounters with Rastafarians all around the world. Our story is truly about ‘the movement of Jah people and their historical
and cultural links to other peoples.”

~ Patricia Marie Scarlett, Executive Producer & Producer