“One, one coco, full basket.”
~ an old Jamaican proverb,
meaning every little bit helps.

Little boy in SheShamane | photo: Marilyn Gray


Help fill the basket:
Be a RasTa STAR: Help RasTa help.

Become a RasTa STAR, support the JRDC School in Shashemene, Ethiopia. RasTa support will go toward helping the school meet its current mandate which includes: continuing to provide subsidized healthy meals, introducing a health program to investigate and improve the health status of its students, …

Watch videos made children who attend the JRDC School in Ethiopia …


“Only the strong will continue. Do you have it in you? ‘Cause we got a journey to go…The Mission continues to raise awareness…This is not a Marley production but the producers have our commitment to help. None of us can do it on our own, but together we can do anything… Contribute what you can. ‘One One Cocoa full Basket’ :)

~ Damian Marley, Singer, Songwriter, JAMAICA