Rollin’ w/Bob

“One good thing about music,
when it hits you fell no pain.
So hit me with music…”
~ Bob Marley



On the rise — The hottest new artist
out of Jamaica

It is said that society has lost its way. We have all but entirely lost hope in the possibility of revolutionary progress instigated by the young people of Jamaica. The pessimists have yet to consider the notorious innovation of Jamaicans, that therein lies a rich history of focusing and refocusing in perilous times, pinpointing the tiny loopholes and then widening them into gaping gaps for not only Jamaicans to see the truth, but the entire world. This is what a certain exciting breakthrough musician has committed himself to doing. His name… Protoje. …

Watch clip of Donisha in Ethiopia, Israel and South Africa >>


“Reggae propelled the Rasta cosmology into the middle of the planet’s cultural arenas and suddenly people wanted to know what all the chanting and praying and obsessive smoking of herb
was all about.”

~ Stephen Davis and Peter Simon, Rock Critics, USA