Donisha Prendergast,
Granddaughter of
Rita & Bob Marley,
A RasTa Woman of a Nu School.

Donisha in homage to The Legend, Bob Marley | photo: Che Kothari


Who She is…

Twenty-six year old Donisha Prendergast is the granddaughter of Rita and Bob Marley. She is, at heart, a true artist. Her fresh and vibrant talent spans many disciplines. She is an accomplished actor who has already had a wide range of starring roles in a number of major Jamaican television productions. She has also enjoyed leading roles in a several live stage productions, which have successfully toured the Eastern Caribbean, The United States and the UK. …


Click to hear see Donisha at the Discovering Rastafari exhibit at The Smithsonian in Washington and hear about the car accident that triggered her journey. …Continue →


“RasTa is one of a kind — a seductively exotic tour of a fascinating cultural phenomenon spawned on the island of Jamaica that has spread around the world, featuring Donisha Prendergast, the lovely granddaughter of the original ambassador of Rasta himself, Bob Marley. This film dispels myths and shows how Marley’s rebel spirit of peace and equality for all people lives on in vibrant communities in Ethiopia, Israel, India, South Africa, England, Canada,
and, of course, Jamaica.”

~ Kenneth Wapner, Writer/Editor, CANADA