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Give Thanks

The response to the works we have been doing is very humbling. Alot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears have gone into the making of this film and even more from the stories that were told.
Be Thankful.
Rasta is an important part of Balance in the world right now. The more we know about it, the more we can teach it and plant it. Seek Knowledge.

Nobody in this world is greater or less than anyone else. neither is our mission.
Know Yourself.

Be Inspired to Inspire…1Love

Donisha | Being Rasta is a journey

Donisha in Varanasi, India

When people ask me that question…’What is Rasta?” I think that’s the perfect answer. It’s a soul’s journey – to find self and to understand self. It’s a peace, in this crazy world. More than a religion…that many people think it is…it’s a way of life. It’s a culture. You have to live it every day, to really connect and understand.

About Donisha

Twenty-six year old Donisha Prendergast is the granddaughter of Rita and Bob Marley. She is, at heart, a true artist. Her fresh and vibrant talent spans many disciplines. She is an accomplished actor who has already had a wide range of starring roles in a number of major Jamaican television productions. She has also enjoyed leading roles in a several live stage productions, which have successfully toured the Eastern Caribbean, The United States and the UK.

At 12, Donisha along with a few of her cousins, performed background vocals on theme song for the popular children’s animation series, Arthur, with her uncle Ziggy Marley as the lead. She went on to travel extensively with her mother, Sharon Marley, while she was a member of the Melody Makers; and to Japan, Ghana, South Africa and the United Kingdom with her grandmother, Rita Marley. She recently toured France with Shaggy and Rik-Rok as dancer/choreographer. Donisha plays the piano and African drums.

Donisha and her production partners, Falani Spivey and Serita Stewart of Sumthing F.E.R.T.I.L.E (For Every Revolutionary Truth that Inspired Leaders to Educate) Productions have begun shooting a documentary about the links between Blacks in the Diaspora and Africa.

To date they have completed shoots in Brazil, South Africa and Jamaica. They have also produced a trailer for Maestra Da Favella, yet another documentary project, currently in production.

Donisha currently lives in Miami with her family where she is pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree (BFA) in Film and Digital Production at a prime arts university. She has already completed two years of theatre studies at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Donisha was the Keynote Speaker and Host for Africa Unite, Youth Symposium in 2006 (Ghana), 2007 (South Africa) and 2008 (Jamaica). Africa Unite is the yearly celebration of Bob Marley’s Birthday that is organized by Rita Marley.

In 2011, Donisha will publish a book of poetry and her musings about life as she sees it thus far.

Donisha Prendergast; Rastafari Royalty

Donisha Prendergast is a child of Rastafari — a linkage made through her family ties to musical legends Bob and Rita Marley. As one of the granddaughters of reggae music’s most iconic figures, Prendergast grew up in a world that revered the art and life of her legendary relative. His legacy and her desire to dispel any misconceptions about the religious and cultural Rastafari movement inspired her to create the documentary Rasta, A Soul’s Journey.

It is a film that examines the global impact of Rasta culture. Along with Patricia Scarlett of Scarlett Media Inc., Prendergast travels the world, discovering the roots and the cultural expression into which Rastafari has evolved.

“I wanted to know what Rasta was like around the world,” Prendergast says of the project. “I thought I was just going to see the roots and evolution, but Rasta is a cultural expression. Not everybody who wears dreadlocks or smokes weed will claim to be Rasta … but they’re expressing Rasta in a certain essence, so it’s just about understanding (that).”

Her cinematic journey encounters Rastafari communities in the U.S., Israel, India, Jamaica, South Africa, Ethiopia, Canada and the United Kingdom. In these countries, she meets with men and women who have chosen a Rastafari lifestyle, explore how the movement evolved in that particular place and ultimately hopes to find her purpose as a young Rasta woman.

Prendergast is also hoping to banish the stereotypes that try to besmirch Rastafari’s uplifting impact. “Rasta is a life of service. You don’t sit down and beat drums every day,” she says. “You go and work with the youth, you teach and you build. You also go and talk about Africa and find ways to reach Africa. You have work to do. That is the biggest misconception about Rasta, that you don’t have work to do.”

In fact, Prendergast believes part of her work will be similar to that of her grandmother Rita Marley, who founded the Robert Marley Foundation and assisted more than 200 children in the Konkonuru Methodist Basic School in Ghana where she lives. Prendergast is also aware that her role in Rastafari will influence young female followers in the movement:

“I have two little sisters that think that I am the greatest person in the world,” she says. “And I have to be that for them, especially them. And there are little girls out there like them who are not my little sisters but still want me to be a big sister, you know?” She has special advice for these little sisters in or outside of the Rastafari movement: “Don’t be anybody else but yourself. That’s the best person you can be.”

By Stephanie Pollard for Sway Magazine.