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The journey continues… so join the trek, explore, share and contribute.

The iNITY iNTERACTIVE experience offers a contemporary platform to journey behind-the- scenes of the documentary RasTa: A Soul’s Journey and enter the world of Rastafari.

    My exploration of Rastafarian culture and working on this creative process has lead me to understand that RasTa is…
    A collection of African-centered visions that have maintained a strong identity despite the immense challenges and obstacles the movement has faced.
    A global, rich, indigenous culture and faith that successfully counters the status quo and mainstream ideologies, to progress and thrive in the media driven landscape of the 21st.

Diverse people and diverse experiences, united by the universal concept of one world and one love.

iNITY iNTERACTIVE invites viewers to explore the historical context and global evolution of Rastafari and its culture, as captured through the diverse creative expressions of artists from around the world. The installation takes it’s initial inspiration from the documentary, then takes you above and beyond through a dynamic multi-media experience, freely mixing photography, video, new media, literature, music and lifestyle.

Begin the trod by mapping the journey of Donisha Prendergast, granddaughter of Rita and Bob Marley. Follow her path across eight countries in the year-long trek of the documentary, where she unearths the roots of the Rastafari movement and it’s global presence. Each destination dispels some misconceptions of Rastafari and provides a glimpse into the deeper truths that underline the faith. Afterwards, you can expand further into the interactive experience and explore the creative spirit of local and global artists, who each bring a unique contribution and perspective to this collective vision.

I firmly believe that artists are the truest form of archivists and documentarians. They unapologetically capture the reality of the moment and offer a perspective that reaches through time and space. They bring forth hidden truths as the caretakers of our shared history.

Orla Garriques, iNITY iNTERACTIVE Producer & Curator