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RasTa Movie Poster

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Rastafari Then and Now | DVD

Rastafari Then and Now: A Message From Jamaica is a Canadian story with roots in Jamaica. Following Nation Cheong, a Guyanese born Rastafarian African drummer and community worker, living in Canada, as he journeys through his faith, the documentary explores the origin of Rastafari and its relevance for today’s youth.

Beginning in Toronto, Nation gathers a diverse group of youth (Brandon King, Phillip Morgan, Daniel Kadima and Stephanie Henry) from across the GTA to take them on an investigative journey into the Rastafarian community in Toronto in the hope that the positive message of Rastafari will benefit them at this juncture in their lives. Nation’s journey takes him to Jamaica for the first time to see where it all started and learn more about his Rastafarian roots

Rastafari: Then and Now was funded exclusively by OMNI Television, Canada’s first free over-the-air multilingual/multicultural television system, was broadcast on this station.

Get your own personal copy of this film, recently completed by RasTa’s producers, for OMNI Television.

$20.00 CAD. Please purchase through PayPal. Thank you in advance.